About Us!

Canada eLearning Academy is owned by Nick Noorani Business Group Inc. and managed by Nick Noorani as President & CEO. Read more about him here

Many immigrants ask me about the various online learning systems available. I believe the challenges most newcomers have are:

  1. Most of the online programs are amazing, especially the technical ones however, the behavioural ones may differ from what is required in the Canadian context. Something that may be behaviourally accepted or even be the norm in the US may be completely out of place in Canada. It is therefore important to have Canadian content and context. 
  2. The landscape can be very cluttered and frankly bewildering to the newcomer. ‘Which program to take and how much should I spend?’ 

The Canada e-learning Academy is my attempt to provide an inexpensive solution to both these problems. Firstly, it is 100% Canadian content and secondly newcomers can focus on my top picks to get ready for interviews as well as to grow in their new job.

The goal moving forward is to create our own content that we could give you. Content based on my experience working with newcomers to Canada. 

Lastly, the goal was also to provide an inexpensive product. Priced at $7.99 monthly, the Academy allows you immediate access to over 175 different programs. 

So, welcome and do drop me an email with your thoughts and suggestions.